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Sin I Cam By Johnshaven

"Sea Greens Remembered"

Some things, they never leave ye,

As life goes driftin on

Fond memories a' cam tumlin back

O' childhood days, lang gone

But there's a place alang the shore

Firever in ma mind

Far, as a bairn, i'd gang an'play

The bonniest ye will find

Noo ilka Sunday, Mam wid say

" I want ye aff rna hands

So here! Tak ye this shivry bite

An awa tae Sea Green sands!"

So, aff we'd go, alang the shore

Past Gripp and Windy Wa's

The steep Coive hill, the auld lime kiln,

Wie buckets, spades and ba's

We'd book oor place, ahint the dyke,

And gither wid for cookin,

And boilin buckies in a tin

And soordooks fur the sookin,

Then up the den tae guddle troot,

And water-hennies eggs,

Wydin through the nettle beds

Wie blisters on yer legs *

We'd pit a liny oot fur flooks

And cook them on a steen,

T'he steen wid crack, the flooks gid black

We didna gie a wheen

We'd aye be back afore the dark

Fur Mam tae scour us clean

Fur getting tar fae aff yer taes

A great thing, margarine

Then aff tae bed, we'd a' be packed

A'tired an'worn out

We'd sleep till momin'cam again

A'dreadin school nae dout

An' sitin at wir lessons

We'd mind the fun we'd seen

We couldna wait for Sunday next

Alang at auld Sea Greens

But time and tide, they baith march on,

And naythin bides the same

And though we miss, that childhood bliss

We all maun play the game

The road along has a' bit gone

Nae troot there tae be seen

But in ma mind, I still can find

That heaven called Sea Green

Bill Wilkie