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Sin I Cam By Johnshaven



When sitting by the fireside, it’s pleasant to recall

The many happy evenings spent in the village hall

And on one special evening was a joyous time

Of which I will remind you in this bit o’ hame spun rhyme.

T’was on December 26th – the night was cauld, my certy!

We a’ dressed in oor very best to attend the Pensioners Pairty

Though it was cauld and snell outside this dark December night

The hall was full o’ welcome cheer and a’ was warm and bright.

The tables spread wi’ linen white, folk hurrying to and fro’

The walls and ceiling deckit oot wi’ holly and mistletoe

And by the platform, lighted up so that t’would catch the ee’

There stood in glitterin’ splendour bright a bonny Christmas tree.

When a’ were seated Mrs Young stood up, and viewed each face

Says she, “Now friends, afore we start we’re gaen tae sing the grace”

So solemnly we sang oo thanks tae Him wha gied it a’

The bond o’ our guid fellowship and the feast spread oot sae braw.

Then sic a feed we put awa, t’was grand beyond compare

Steak pie, tatties and green peas, trifles and jellies rare

The cookin’ was a credit tae the folk hat saw it through

For a’ thing vanished in a wink, fair melted in yer moo’.

The tables then were cleared awa’ and each one lent a hand

While on the platform with a cheer we welcomed in the band

The fun began in earnest and the night flew by on wings

With song and dance and poetry and the laughter enjoyment brings.

We’d a song from Mrs Wilkie, Miss McBay sang for us too

While Mrs Adam and her “Twins” created a hullaballoo

Mr Sheridan, upon his drums beat out a sweet refrain

Which was well known tae maist oo’s for we’d wordies o’ oor ain.

He said it was the “Cock o’ the North” but opinions inclined tae vary

For Johner folk aye kent it as Auntie Mary had a Canary

Instead o’ bein’ angry wi’ a’ us silly folk

John laughed at us for singin’ for he fairly likes a joke.

Mrs Duff then took the floor, she made us laugh and pech

When she set us a’ a’ laughin wi the antics o’ a flech

Apparently it loupit till its face was black & blue

For a’ we ken, its loup[in yet, may be on me or you.

Then Mrs Young and her guidman, they gave us all a treat

A duet full of harmony, I’m sure they can’t be beat

I thocht the time had surely come for me to try my charms

So I goes for Dauvit Anderson for a game o’ Musical Arms.

“Oh Mary lass, tae dance” says he, “is fairly oot o’ the question

Wi’ a’ yon steak pie and green peas I’m ill wi’ my indigestion”.

But Dauvit up and took the floor, he didna care a jot

But danced and hooched wi’ a’ the lave, his sorrows a’ forgot.

The band played on wi’ micht and main, there was Lindsay, Jaki and Jean

Withoot their wark, through a’ that nicht oor fun could ne’er hae been

We’d tea again, and fruit and sweets, and everything that’s fine

And at the end o’ a’ the spree we joined in Auld Lang Syne.

So to Mrs Young and her committee gia a cheer that’s loud and herty

For a’ the hard work they had tae gie tae mak’a success o’ oor pairty.