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Sin I Cam By Johnshaven




From Vallie and David Craig

Onything connected with the sea, like splicin, or creepin.

(What's creepin?)

If ye've broken your lines, you get this twa like bars o metal connected together just wi a ring and there's spikes on them and you use this thing and chuck them ower the side and just let the boat drift. And they rattle along the bottom and bring up the line.

you want to keep the boat between the tide and the lines so that the line's easier to haul.

If ye're working the opposite wey ye've tae steam the boat up intae the line.

If ye're haulin against the tide, it's harder for you physically. Nae machines in them days, it's just hand over hand.

(Did you no have ti load up the lines?) She hid the worst job. Ma mither helpit me. (Where did you do it?)

Through there that used tae be a washing hoose for the ​?four? tenants. There was naebody but us here so we used that. We loaded the lines wi mussels frae Montrose, and Garrbridge in Fife near the Eden Estuary. They dredged for them, it was Johnson’s Salmon Company.

(Did nobody want to eat them at that time?) I wouldnae eat a mussel. This eens were in mud – they'd been dredged oot o the mud at Montrose. They were garra – that was the word for them, dirty, full of sand.

My mither used to help me. 1200 hooks. Ye had tae shiell the mussels first. (Was that when the mussels were bairded?) No it was when they had, white limpets on them, barnacles.

That made yer hands sair. it. No, I didne like the shiellin one bit. Mother used to come doon at six and we were finished aboot 12, 6 oors. But if ye wis on my ain it would be 8.

(Did you wear gloves?) I dinna think you could wear gloves baitin mussels. Some folk wore one glove, just for haudin the mussels when you were.

I'll let ye see a shiel blade.

(As a laddie, you wudnae hae haen onything to dae wi it?)

Man: I used ti help ma faither sometimes. They just heuked it, tipped the heuk, rolled it roon and through the snud. The snud's what the hook's connected to. Then they just chucked it intae a scull

when they brought it ashore, they just redded it oot intae a basket, for her.