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Sin I Cam By Johnshaven

Johnner/ Gourden fishing words

Bobbers - Norwegian lure with treble hook on the end and 6 single hooks for catching cod

Dandy - similar but for mackerel sometimes described as a length of string with a lump of lead and hooks at one end and a ‘daftie’ at the other.

At the lines - clip = gaff/ scum pulls with circle and neck both in case a fish was big and might break free from the line

[image to come]

Creepers - also called grades further South, for retrieving broken lines

Tike a mark: - a transit point from the land before the days of Decca navigators or satnav

Shootin up sea - shooting the lines away from the line into the southeast

Bowshin - steaming into a headwind

Bark - hook clutch for preserving lines and Nets

Clove stick - for hanging the lines by the hooks to dip in boiling bark

Snud- attached to the line

[image to come]

Tippen - attached to this snud with hook on the end originally made with horse hair then courtline (type of polypropylene)

Beetin the wints – replacing the hooks that had been lost, rebinding the wants?

Gourden saying for someone a little bit dim;

‘aye there’s a wint there aright’

Splicin been – small spike for splicing broken lines originally made from bone then brass.

Bendin – end of the line which was bent on (tied) to the next line of 1200 hooks when on the boat ready to shoot.

Some of the women baiting were said to say, ‘God bless the bendin’ not as a prayer but more like ‘thank Christ that’s done’.

Muckin -if the boats couldn’t get to the sea for bad weather for maybe a week the mussels got smelly so had to be taken off the hooks, known as ‘muckin the line’

Gurden saying – something useless – ‘just skull muckles’

[image to come]

Images still to be added