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Sin I Cam By Johnshaven


Naebody ever mentioned pigs - that was bad luck – they were either curly tails or snorkers or whitever. Even salmon. Bit it didnae stop them catchin them. (laughs)

Bit if ye were a fite fisherman, salmon wis bad luck for some reason, it's because salmon can ging between salt and fresh water. I think that's how the thing started.

Cos roond the west coast in Mallaig, they'll nae sell ye a box o Swan matches if they ken ye're a fisherman, because swans are the same, they can ging between saut an fresh.

A rabbit as well, that's bad. The reason for that is – some of them used tae bait their creels wi rabbit – lobster eats the meat, it turns its flesh black. You couldnae sell it. Well, ye could sell it, but the boy that bought it wouldnae be very pleased! With its flesh being black, ye widnae ken what it had done tae it.

Some of them wouldn't take gingerbreid tae the sea. Mebbe somebody had took it for their piece one day and something had happened and they connect that, that's the bad luck, that's the only thing aboard the boat that's hisnae been aboard the boat afore.

Never open a can upsides doon. Andy Cargill used tae help ye open a can upside doon, he would tak the wrapper aff ye so you couldnae see if it wis upsides doon. It wis for fear of the boat capsizin.

They wouldnae put a hatchboard on upsides doon either for the same reason, you could end up capsized.

Couldnae whistle – ye'd bring up the wind. Sodgers whistle, sailors sing.